Thursday 17 August 2017
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Getting a Trailer Soon? Don’t Go Without Reading This

Purchasing a horse trailer is a big decision to make. With a lot of models and styles available for trailers, how do you pick the best one? You have to make your choice based upon economic reasons and what fits your horse and your use.


With a lot of decisions to make as you purchase a trailer, you will need to know some facts to come up with an informed decision. Bu the most essential thing is to keep in mind that regardless of how appealing a trailer may look, when it is not safe and suitable for your horse, it’s not worth your investment. Know that a trailer doesn’t have to be expensive to be safe; however, any wrong equipment isn’t a great buy at any price. Getting a trailer requires you to consider a number of things including the following.

Your Horse’s Needs

The needs and size of the horse you will haul determines the kind of trailer to get. There are criteria in choosing a trailer.

  • Size- Ensure there is enough light and room for the horse to be comfortable. Horses need room so they can spread all their legs and a head room for using his neck and head for balance.
  • Ventilation- Ventilation is necessary for air quality and temperature control. Horses are more likely to be in danger as they get too hot than when they get too cold while being transported. Also, the may be exposed to mold spores and dust from shavings and hay. Gases from manure and urine can also cause them serious health during a trailer ride.


  • Design safety-Ensure you check the trailer for any protruding objects or sharp edges. Inspect every part trailer part for durability, functionality and safety. Make sure an appropriate-size emergency exit is there for the handler. Check that the door frames are not so low letting the horse bumps its head as it gets on.

Your Needs as the Buyer

Often, budget is the first thing you need to consider when getting a trailer. However, you need to check the features first before you the trailer’s look.  Never base your purchase on price alone. Two-horse trailers are common and tend to have better resale value than one-horse trailers. When you are hauling at least for horses, you are likely to need special state licensing and the trailer’s size will impact the kind of tow vehicle you need. Check out some options here


Trailer Styles

  • Manger trailer-This kind of trailer has fixed, built-in hay manger in its head area. Although the trailer’s storage area located underneath the manager is good, the manger can have an issue. If a horse wants to cough, it will lower his head. Such is not possible if there’s a m anger in the way.
  • Walk-through trailer- This allows a horse to walk on as the handler walks out a separate door. This kind of trailer is open and lets the horse brace itself offering freer head movement.